Every price tier, explained in detail.

Tier 1: Essential

This is a budget-friendly way to have a professional website without getting locked into expensive customization. Think of this as the Pareto Principle in action: 80% of your website’s impact will come from just 20% of the features we provide. You get a lot for a little. Many businesses over-invest in website features they don’t really need, but with our Essential plan, you’re getting a smart and strategic package that prioritizes the most impactful elements.

Starting a new website or overhauling an old one can often seem daunting, but our process is streamlined and client-focused.

What to expect: after subscribing and providing your details, you’ll get an email form about your business—services, offerings, pricing, and existing website. We’ll then schedule an optional 30-minute call to meet. This is your chance to voice any specific requirements or preferences you might have. Soon after, you’ll receive a demo link for your approval. Once approved, we’ll transfer the site to your domain, and it’s live.

Payment details: you won’t be charged until one month from the moment you subscribe has passed. That’s right—your website will be up and running before any payment is due. This approach is a testament to our confidence in delivering value and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Please note that your email client will open. Once you send us email confirmation that you’re ready, we’ll send you the contract details.

Tier 2: Business boost

If you’re eyeing more than just the basics, this package is your golden ticket. Undecided between this and our ‘Ultra’ package? We suggest starting here.

What to expect:

  • Initial steps: just like with our Essential plan, we’ll begin by collecting details about your business. This time, we’ll also want to understand your brand identity.
  • Design inspiration: share websites you admire. Your vision will guide us in crafting your unique online presence.
  • No stress: we’ll provide a questionnaire to capture all necessary details. As always, a friendly introductory call is a good way to break the ice.
  • Monthly maintenance: enjoy 2 hours of dedicated support each month for website tweaks, improvements, and general upkeep. Content creation is not included.

Payment details: a one-time upfront fee of US$1500 applies (discounts may be available). Monthly subscription fees follow, typically locked in a six-month agreement.

Please note that your email client will open. Once you send us email confirmation that you’re ready, we’ll send you the contract details.

Tier 3: Ultra

This is the ultimate package—the one that truly has it all. Looking for security, hourly backups, five-hour monthly support, reputation management, and more? You’ve found your match.

What to expect: to kick things off, we’ll need comprehensive information about you and your business—your services, goals, reasons for needing a website upgrade, and so on. We’ll explore all these aspects together.

Then comes the fun part: you’ll enjoy a suite of premium features unavailable in the ‘Business Boost’ plan. The highlights include our prioritized attention with 5 hours of dedicated support each month on a six-month contract. You’ll also have the option to translate your website into up to two additional languages, manage your business reputation, and receive A/B testing services. Plus, we’ll send you monthly reports detailing your website’s performance metrics. But first, we’ll focus on redesigning and developing your website to perfection.

Monthly maintenance: once the site is up and running, you’ll have access to 5 hours of our time each month for site tweaks, improvements, and overall performance enhancement. Note that content creation is not included.

Payment details: you will be charged a one-time fee of US$5000 (unless we offer discounts). Then, you will be charged your regular subscription fee every month for the duration of a usually six-month agreement. After that, we’ll move on to a month-to-month agreement basis that will be enriched only with the features you need.

Please note that your email client will open. Once you send us email confirmation that you’re ready, we’ll send you the contract details.

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